Pauline Patrick


Pauline Patrick studied at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art (GSA) and completed subsequent postgraduate and doctoral studies relating to her degree. She was tutored by John Cunningham whose work is in the Scottish Colourist Tradition and held in the Hunterian and Kelvingrove Art Galleries. 

Pauline Patrick is a contemporary still life and landscape painter. Her work explores the liminal spaces between realism and the abstract; the notion of something caught within the peripheral vision. She is strongly influenced by her time at the GSA, drawing on the experience to produce pieces imbued with colour and form. Many hours are spent searching for something that will spark the creative impulse. The setting of still life elements ensure that light direction and composition are carefully considered. The drafting and layering of colour can take weeks and sometimes months. It is a slow and methodical process. The final pieces are redolent with harmony and tranquillity.

Pauline Patrick has exhibited throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. Her work has been shown in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore, and is held in private collections worldwide.